Rhiannon McLay is a Brisbane based freelance illustrator & designer.

Rhiannon graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Art (Illustration major) from the
Queensland College of Art in 2003, and with a Masters in Digital Design (Web Screen
Specialisation) in 2009. Since graduating in 2003 she has worked as a graphic designer in the signage industry, had her illustrations published in 5 children’s books & her artwork exhibited locally.

"I grew up a little bush kid- living in both Townsville & Mount Isa. My childhood was wonderful - Full of barefooted summers, lazy afternoon walks home from school in 40 degree heat, boat rides to the Great Barrier Reef, misadventures with treehouses , tar stained heels, sunburnt knees, grazed elbows & sore cheeks from smiling. I was a constant scribbler- annoying those around me on long car trips with the constant 'scritch scritch scritch' of my colouring in pencils (all colour-coded in their box of course)."