Rhiannon has worked on a number of Children's Picture Books in collaboration with Author Tess Rowley - each book deals with a significant issue faced by Australian Children and aims to demystify, support and inform the reader.

This page is currently under construction and is due for completion Mid November. If you would like to purchase any of the publications below please do not hesitate to contact me. Please also view the temporary gallery at the bottom of the page.

"My Dad's in Prison"
2004 (Good Beginnings) ISBN 0-646-43645-7

"I feel scared when Mum & Dad fight"
2004 (Centacare & Communities Caring for Kids Coalition) ISBN 0-9757162-0-4

"When Mum went to prison, lots of things changed"
2006 (Good Beginnings) ISBN 0-646-45734-9

"The 'I Can' Kids"
2006 (Centacare) ISBN 0-9757162-1-2

"Bodies and Relationships Education Essentials"
2007 (Family Planning Queensland)

“When Mum & Dad Talk - about parents separating”
2009 (Centacare) ISBN 978-0-9757162-2-9